Gia Derza and GF Disgusting Puke Enema and Anal Cum Snort – Premium user Request – amateur, vomit

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I’m not sure if it’s two separate clips, however it begins in Kaitlyn along with Gia Derza speaking to the cameraman, the black man, Kaitlyn wants him to hit her to warm her up. She is awestruck. Be aware, I don’t actually enjoy the majority of these shows however, unless there are audio effects or it’s just plain fake, it could be the most difficult I’ve witnessed a woman get struck in porn. However, I do not look for this kind of thing perhaps it’s just mild… They begin blowing at him and then alternately neck fucking themselves with huge dildos until Kaitlyn is able to puke over the back of Gia’s neck as she has the man’s with her in her face.
The scene continues for a few minutes, then Giaderzabooty takes one of those funnel buttplugs to keep her ass open for a couple of inches and Kaitlyn pukes inside and then Gia Derza ass kicks it in her face. At some point, he may have popped into Gia’s mouth. It’s hard to discern because there’s puke that’s grey all over.
The next scene where they cleaned themselves up, went to their bedroom, where they are spending a lot of time blowing him up, until he begins to fuck the two doggy. They have a few breaks to blow him out and then make a rim on each other and him until he begins to Gia anal doggy until the time he gets in his ass and Kaitlyn takes a snort and spits it out. By pointing her eyes … Following that, she tries in the process of blowing her cum through her nose and into Gia’s mouth.
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