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The stunning young Latina is the star of this exciting new installment, which sees her unstoppable ass punches ripped to pieces by her boyfriend’s massive hands until it’s a huge and a swollen wreck! This gorgeous, 23 year old, bubbly Latina is a ferocious anal woman who constantly craves extreme dilation in order to satisfy her naughty demands. Take a look at her beginning this sequence by tearing her ass apart using both hands, revealing her loose, relaxed gape before she invites her BF to open it up by flexing his fist! He pushes his hands in beyond the knuckles, and then into the wrist area and makes Mabel exhale in a moment of pure joy. The hole is extended to the limit and he bursts through it with powerful turning thrusts, ripping all the way in and out! Mabel is seen tearing her cheeks and shows us her gape getting bigger and larger as he continues to pound it until it is completely destroyed. Soon, she bursts into the most mind-blowing climax ever intense that she wants another. Her BF is able to slam his fist back into her, and then slams it into her space even more until Mabel collapses from exhaustion and her ass is forever ruined in the exact way she desires!
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