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21 September 2023
There is something special about a bitch bend over, unable to squirm or even move much, awaiting a firm caning. It is almost judicial. In fact, in some places that is exactly what this would be called, a judicial caning. That is the situation Blossom finds herself in at the moment. the one exception is, of course, the cunt has no idea home many strokes of the cane are coming. (Spoiler alert, a lot.)
As you can see, this is not some minor swat-fest. This is a full-force torture caning using an extremely stout cane (a replica of one used in a popular TV show a few seasons ago.) Perhaps the most fun is hearing Blossom, who has been partially gimped with a hood, moan and scream and admit she deserves this agony and that she is a piece of meat.
You know, the is HELL! and the most fierce place in HELL! is the dungeon so what better place to remind a worthless cunthole that she is nothing more than a pain bitch for the entertainment and amusement of others.
In case you were wondering those marks lasted a long time and Blossom had trouble sitting for days, just as a cunt should after such torture.
During all this, Blossom blurted out, “dirty girls get caned,” and a couple of strokes later she cried, “there is no bottom.”
Blossom is certainly a dirty girl and that is why she is being caned in the dungeon, and if there is a bottom, it is only the cunt herself.
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