Brutalmaster – Bunny First Bullwhip – New Meat in HELL!

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New Meat in HELL! and a BONUS UPDATE
We love in when we have a new cunt in the dungeon, but even more so when the bitch is masochistic and truly understands she deserves punishment. Meet Bunny, a real piece of meat. When she got in touch with us, she mentioned, several times, that she is a “brat,” and to expect bratty behavior. Honestly, we did not see that side of her very much.
True, she did miss her plane and wound up coming in hours late, but she was very contrite about that and admitted she needed to be punished even more severely for that transgression.
Also, she fainted not once but twice during this session, which seemed to tame much of the brat out of the bitch.
She also took an incredibly intense bullwhipping with Asmodeus — and this was her first time under that kind of lash. She also admitted that she is a cunt, piece of meat, slut, and needs to be tortured.
You will be seeing much more of this bitch so stick around.
Oh, and be sure to watch her interview right the movie to learn even more about what this New Meat in HELL! is all about.
Bunny First Time Under The Bullwhip, only in HELL!
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