Brutalmaster – Lita Lecherous Meets the Prison Strap – Back in HELL!

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It has been a while since we’ve seen Lita Lecherous in HELL!, but that is about to change, you will be seeing much more of this (literal) whore coming up. For now, this is the cunt’s introduction to agony with the Prison Strap. To put it bluntly, this piece of meat absolutely deserves to suffer torture, she freely admits that herself.
She loves dressing like a slutty little bitch, a tease if you will, and then showing her tits and tongue and and ass to everyone. The agony she experiences at the hands of BrutalMaster is etched on her pretty, whore face. Is there anything more beautiful that a tortured, degraded cunt with her makeup running down her cheeks, crying and begging? We didn’t think so.
How many cocks have been in that mouth, up that ass, destroying that used cunt? Who knows, suffice to say the bitch knows what she is and what she is good for and suffering pain, torture, humiliation, degradation are high on that list.
By the end, Lita is completely destroyed and she admits she will pretty much do anything BrutalMaster tells her.
This is a piece of meat, this is a whore, this is
Lita Lecherous Meeting the Louisiana Prison Strap.
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