BrutalMaster – Slave Filth is whipped but not bound in Unbound and Beaten – New VIP Spanking

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This session was a request from a PLATINUM Member — to see a bitch (in this case Slave Filth) beaten but not bound or restrained in any way. As you can see, Slave Filth was only too happy to oblige, by which we mean, she was ordered to stand there and be beaten and tortured and not move.
The cunt’s tears started flowing pretty quickly as BrutalMaster went at her with a viper whip, cutting into her flesh and leaving her marked and whimpering like the piece of shit she is.
We need to remember that Slave Filth’s primary purpose is licking assholes until they are clean. Her boyfriend is a toilet and she is a urinal, so she fully understands that beatings, torture, humiliation, and degradation are her lot in life.
Add to that, of course, is that she is not permanently bald and soon you will see her with a full septum piercing — big tits bouncing, no underwear, and she has not had an orgasm in years.
This is what a true piece of meat looks like and how it should live it’s life.
Slave Filth, Unbound and Beaten.
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