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After Linda’s C0P2 we tried to give Linda a second chance to win the main prizo of the game. But she insisted, so we offered her a “special rules” version of the game, just like we did with Lyen in WOP SR. Since Linda feared breast whipping the most, we offered her the following: So for this time, She needs to distribute the 100 strokes between only four body parts (bottom, back, pussy and soles). If she wins the game she earns not only this $2500 but the other $2600 too, which she lost at the first attempt.
As always… the punishments are modified by (un)lucky cards drawn randomly by the player. This time the player draws two cards for each body part, and a third special card which is either green or red. If the card is green, then the player may choose which one of the two (un)lucky cards to apply. If however the special card is red, then one of the dominas chooses which of the two (un)lucky cards to play…
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